Purple future Trust

Helping communities acquire wealth through the promotion of the study of STEM.

We believe that a strong science foundation is key to uplifting Africa. We have several programs that promote the education of Science, Technology and Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education especially in disadvantaged communities. The main groups we seek to help are children, girls and women, and economically disadvantaged communities.

Our Work

Creative Native

A series of interactive e-books for children.

Science Weeks

Week-long celebrations of African scientific innovation.


A physical computing early learning kit for young engineers.

Our Store

The Purple Early Engineering Kit (PEEK) is an early educational starter kit that helps students to learn the concepts of physical computing. The PEEK is designed to inspire, entertain and educate. Register for the free PEEK Learning Programme for FREE and get unlimited access to lots of tutorials that will turn you into a budding programming/robotics wiz.

The PEEK Learning Programme

With this learning programme, you can be sure that you’re earning a credential that you can keep and share along with others to tell the full story of your achievements!

Earn Digital Badges


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Read about the cool work we are doing.

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International Day of Women And Girls in Science
NEF Africa Science Week Zimbabwe Day 3 - Main Event (Conference)
NEF Africa Science Week Day 2

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