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Who we are We are a non-profit that helps communities acquire wealth through the promotion of the study of STEM.





PEEK Experiences

  • Loved being part of R&D

    I loved doing the graphics for the PEEK. I can't wait for you to try it out!

    Masimba Gamira
  • I need some for CTT!

    I had a chance to demo one kit, and decided that the kids at the Centre for Total Transformation need these.

    Tinofara Manase
    Programs Coordinator
  • So affordable!

    I'm a Civil Servant. When the PEEK Team told me the price, I was shocked. It's so affordable, compared to several other kits I've seen.

    Just me

The People We Seek To Help



Disadvantaged Communities




Download the Purple Future Trust Deeds

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NEF Africa Science Week

The purpose of NEF Africa Science Week is to promote the discovery of science and technology in Africa and the rest of the world and encourage participation in coordinated science events across the continent. Following the successful first and second editions that saw the Africa Science Week take place in over 30 countries, the third edition of the NEF Africa Science Week will take place in 39 countries throughout September, October and December 2019. NEF Science Week Zimbabwe is scheduled for 24 to 29 November

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