WIP: Creative Native

Who is Creative Native?

Creative Native is a small (WIP) team of clever people that is working to produce a series of interactive e-books for kids. At the inception phase of the project, it was called NatiV Stories. The project is inspired by the NatiV project, whose aim is to create language-learning apps for children. Although the NatiV project is now under the ‘custody’ of the Purple Future Trust, Creative Native is setting out to be a for-profit organization with a largely B2B business model. Creative Native’s work is made possible by the POTRAZ Innovation Drive Fund.

Our Process?

Our Process

The picture above shows the process we use when turning a story into an interactive e-book. There’s a lot of work involved, from the actual writing (or editing, if the content is already there in some cases), to storyboarding, the graphics, sound production, and the actual digital composition. Each process takes in ‘learning information’ from the next process via a feedback loop mechanism, thus making the entire process somewhat iterative. We designed this process by combining concepts from design thinking and the lean methodology. For example, each process node is treated as a lean loop where the lead on that node is responsible for the measure-build-learn cycle.


We use different types of tools for the different stages of production. The authors/editors have their preferred text editors, the artists their own favourite illustration software, the sound producers their favourite DAW, and so on. I guess the awesome part of the whole process is where it all gets merged together. We use Unity 3D (the 2D mode) to put everything together. Unity’s Collaborate Service comes in very handy, as we are all (most of the time) scattered around the city and the only thing that connects us is the Internet – and as some of you might know, fuel is a very rare and expensive commodity these days.

WIP – Sipho and the sweet potato (written by Anna Gowera)

Request for a demo

Are you looking into converting your corporate content into a more interactive medium that can capture a bigger audience, and do so more effectively? We’d be more than happy to set up a meeting and discuss a very lean approach which can yield some impressive results. It’s all still very experimental for us, so we’re willing to do it almost for free! Get in touch at info@purpletrust.org (for now, till Creative Native is fully set up).


PFT Team – on behalf of Creative Native